End of the year special!

$1500 flat rate

For up to 4 wisdom Teeth WITH IV deep sedation/GA


*check must clear prior to scheduling

**2.9% processing fee added to total cost


Because all we do is wisdom teeth and nothing else, we are extremely efficient at it (almost 5500 teeth removed this year alone).  Our highly skilled anesthesia provider (CRNA) largely only uses a powerful IV sedation drug that is broken down very quickly in the body for 99% of our sedations.  Our patients fall asleep very fast and wake up very fast.  A normal surgery day for our office is 12-13 surgeries from 8-2pm.  Because we see so many patients and we are only doing one procedure, we are able to charge each patient much less than our competition for the exact same services.

If you or your child is between the age of 14 and 23, we can simply do a same day consult, X-ray image and surgery.  About 30% of our patients choose this option, so its not uncommon at all.  Most that choose this option are usually in and out of our office in 45-50 minutes.
If you have dental insurance, our office can provide you with the information needed for claims submission and your insurance can pay you directly.

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