IV Sedation and Treatment Safety

A Decade of Experience

Dr. Binkowski received IV sedation and advanced surgical training through the USAF AEGD-1 program after dental school and has been providing IV sedation and wisdom tooth removal for all ages for nearly a decade. In an effort, to improve patient experience and safety, all anesthesia services in our office are performed by Mindy Miller CRNA (link). The IV sedation provided by our anesthetist (IV Deep Sedation) guarantees a comfortable, pain-free experience with no memory of the surgery- something that laughing gas, oral sedatives or moderate IV sedation cannot reliably do. All of our patients fall sleep and awake after the procedure is completed, most don’t even remember the car ride home.

Your safety and comfort is our #1 goal

Safety and Comfort

Our team approach of separating the anesthesia and surgery ensures the highest level of safety and patient comfort possible. Our patients stay asleep, comfortable and relaxed for the entire duration of the procedure, allowing Dr Binkowski to work extremely efficiently at removing the wisdom teeth. Anxiety over “getting numb” is also not something our patients need to worry about. While Local anesthetic is used to numb the surgical sites and reduce post-op surgical discomfort, this is done AFTER the patient is asleep. The only “pinch” you might remember is the IV being started- that’s it.

CRNA Provided Anethesia

We want to reiterate that ALL IV ANESTHETICS in our office are administered by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist– a licensed medical professional, NOT the doctor performing the surgery.

One Patient Focused

We also DO NOT see multiple patients at once. We see one patient at a time for 60 minute appointments; a provider is in the room at all times that can recognize and treat any unlikely emergencies until you are awake and ready to be dismissed.

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