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Not your average dentist

While many general dentistry offices in the area advertise oral surgery, even “wisdom tooth” removal, the reality is that most of these impacted wisdom teeth that are being diagnosed in these offices are being referred out to an oral surgeon’s office, especially if the patient wants to sleep through the procedure.

Wisdom teeth removal IS LITERALLY ALL WE DO

At Iowa Wisdom Teeth, we only focus on providing the most comfortable, safe and affordable experience for removal of wisdom teeth on teenagers and young adults.  All our patients pleasantly sleep through the procedure, with no memory of it afterward. Don’t let your dentist convince you that laughing gas (nitrous) or pills (oral sedatives) will make you comfortable for your surgery appointment – go with the affordable choice that can give the best experience every time.


YOU can decide where to have your wisdom teeth or your child’s wisdom teeth removed

Don’t let your dentist dictate where you go or who you see for this. If you were referred to an oral surgeon’s office for your wisdom teeth, but would like a second opinion, and more affordable option to remove them.

Consults, estimates and x-ray images are always free.

Types of wisdom teeth we routinely remove

Below are all examples of the types of oral surgery extractions we do in our office and with our partners, all patients were under IV deep sedation and slept through the procedure. These are all from completed cases at our office or affiliates.

soft tissue

Simple extraction (blue arrow)

  • Tooth is above the gums, bone removal is required.
  • Soft Tissue Impacted (red arrow): Crown of the tooth is covered by tissue only.
  • (blue line is tissue level, red line is bone level)
PB 32

Part Boney Impacted

  • 50% or less of the crown is covered in bone (red line demarcates bone level in relation to crown).
full boney

Full Boney Impacted

  • 50% or more of the crown is covered in bone.
  • Blue and red line demarcates level of bone compared to crown of tooth.

When would I need oral surgery for removal of wisdom teeth?

Noted common symptoms of Impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Swelling or Stiffness in the Jaw
  • Bad Breath
  • Swollen, Tender or Bleeding Gums
  • Difficulty opening your mouth

While these are the most common symptoms we see at consultation, many times the impacted wisdom teeth display no symptoms at all.

Let's remove your wisdom teeth

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